Privacy policy of mobile application "Distillery Laboratory"

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) represents the rules for the use of the user's personal information.
1. General provisions.
1.1. This policy may be changed unilaterally without prior notice to the user.
1.2. When using the application, the user agrees to the following methods of processing personal information: collection, recording, storage, updating, modification, blocking, deletion.
2. Personal information.
2.1. Personal information is the data that the user transmits in the application:
2.1.1. Information that the user provides independently during authorization, as well as during the use of the application.
2.1.2. The data that is transmitted automatically.
2.2. When logging in to the application, the user specifies an email address and password, which is sent to the specified email address. During registration, a unique user ID is created. The user’s name, the name of the laboratory, the image of the user, and the image of the laboratory are assigned by default.
2.3. The name of the user, the name of the laboratory, the image of the user and the image of the laboratory are publicly available information.
2.4. At his discretion, the user may change the user's name, the name of the laboratory, the user's image and the image of the laboratory.
2.5. The application service does not verify the accuracy of the information provided by the user.
2.6. The application administration is not responsible for the use of the user's personal information by third parties with whom the user interacts within the framework of using the application.
3. Purposes of processing personal information.
3.1. The application service collects and stores personal information that is necessary for the operation of the application.
3.2. The application service processes the user's personal information for the following purposes:
3.2.1. Identification in the application service;
3.2.2. Providing the application functions to the user;
3.2.3. Connection with the user, requests and information regarding the use of the application service, as well as processing requests and applications from the user.
4. Conditions for processing the users' personal information and transmissionit to third parties.
4.3. The Service transmits the personal information to third parties in the following cases:
4.3.1. The user has expressed his consent to such actions;
4.3.2. The transmission is necessary when using the functions of the application by the user;
5. Change of the personal information.
5.1. The user can change (update, supplement, delete) the personal information provided by him or part of it at any time by using the personal data editing function.
6. Measures applied to protect the user's personal information.
6.1. A secure protocol is used to protect connections and data transmission.
7. Permissions in the application
7.1. The user gives permissions to use the application functions at his discretion:
7.1.1. use the camera of a mobile device;
7.1.2. access to the storage of the mobile device.
8. Feedback. Questions and suggestions.
8.1. The user has the right to send all suggestions or questions to the feedback service or to the email address